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Ancon band practice #1

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes of the Ancon band. We had our first practice yesterday, and it is going to be awesome to praise God with everyone on Ancon!

Set up time

Set up time

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Mafia: Game of Sin?

Mafia is a game that many people enjoy playing. Basically involving an assassin, townspeople and mafia (there are variations on this). It’s a game where the townspeople and assassin are on the same side, and are trying to get rid of the mafia, while the mafia are trying to either get rid of the assassin or all of the townspeople. This is done through a process of voting or just plain killing.

One of the key concepts of mafia is deception, and this is the issue that I have with the game. Although lying is not compulsory in mafia, it is often necessary and encouraged. Many people say that it is ok, because it is within the game, and people understand that it is going to happen.


However, the lying in mafia does cause real emotions. People who are lied to, do feel deceived, and this can lead to broken relationships (in part or whole), an effect of real world lying. So in love, can we justify playing this game?

Also, if we are saying that it is acceptable to lie in mafia, is it then ok to introduce sinful ideas to other games. Can we play drinking games to get drunk, and say that they are ok because the drunkenness is within the game? I would say a definite no to that question, and that is why for a number of years I have not played mafia, or any other games that tempt me to lie.

Is mafia a game of sin?

Courage in Persecution

Butchered RoseAt bible study we prayed for people overseas in Burma and India, using a Voice of the Martyrs prayer booklet thing. God is working in amazing ways all over his world! And there are people who are spreading the gospel to all sorts of amazing places.

There was one story that was read from it that described two men who were proclaiming the gospel in India. These men were beaten up for what they did, and they were planning on going back to continue proclamation once they recovered!

This courage is amazing.

I find myself often shying away from opportunities because I am afraid of minor consequences such as lost friendships or awkward moments. Whereas Christians on the other side of the world have consequences such as death, and they only want more opportunities to proclaim the gospel!

What an example we have to follow…

If you want more stories from Voice of the Martyrs, visit

Ancon on Facebook

Ancon is coming up soon!Ancon 09

Ancon is the sueu’s (Sydney Uni Evangelical Union) annual conferance. An awesome week of biblical teaching! I went last year and it was truly amazing. Last years topic was Justification, and this year will be on the Spirit.

Ancon is at the moment, being touted on Facebook by just about every member of the EU, and I think that anyone with any connection with friends in the EU, would find it hard to avoid hearing about Ancon.

There are a few strategies being used

  1. Change your middle name to “Ancon”
  2. Change your profile pic to Ancon pic
  3. Change your status to have Ancon in it somehow

Sounds pretty simple, and I think it will achieve it’s goal of awareness about Ancon being raised.

Thumbs up for Ancon on Facebook! Good work guys!

From the bible this week: Assurance

This week in small group at Uni, we were looking at Romans 8:31-39, another dense bible passage. The focus of the study was assurance. How can we be sure of salvation. Paul addresses that pretty well…

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:38-39)

BackgroundWe can’t be sure of many things in this world (except death and taxes), but I think it is amazing how much we can be sure of God!

Through this passage, it is also clear to me how connected assurance, grace and election are. I have been called into a relationship with God, chosen since before the world (Ephesians 1:3-14). It is through nothing that I have done that this has happened, but only through what God has done for me (Ephesians 2:8-9). I can be sure of this, because nothing can separate me from his love.

It’s awesome that God is so merciful, and that he loves me!

Free Stuff!

There is a lot of cool free stuff on the web these days, so I thought I’d make a small list of stuff that I have found. Enjoy!

No MoneyFree Albums

Free Pictures (these all have little to no copyright and can be reproduced as long as you don’t make money from them, but check out each one’s terms of use)

Free fonts

Everyone likes free stuff! Do you know of any other free things on the web?

UPDATE: If you liked this then read Free Stuff #2

The importance of children in mission

I have thought for a few years, that children can be effective evangelists. They can tell their friends about what Jesus has done and who he is now, and they can make real responses to the gospel. I really hope that children that I am teaching in Sunday School will grow up as fruitful Christians throughout school and the rest of their lives. This video is one that I was shown a few years ago, and shows how some people view children as important to God’s mission. I think it’s pretty good, and just so you know, all the stuff about children is towards the beginning.

Read this!

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