Surprised by kids!

Yesterday at Sunday school I was pleasantly surprised by two kids.

Firstly, a kindergarten girl had drawn a few pictures during the week and showed them to me at the start of Kidzone. The first picture was a picture of Jesus dying on the cross, and the second picture was a picture of an empty tomb and him rising from the dead. There was then a page with some writing on it that went something like this… (but not exactly)

Jesus died on the cross. He rose from the dead. Jesus loves everyone.

Wow. Such simple and awesome truths from one so young.Coloured Pencils

The second moment of surprise happened later on. I was not having the best morning and felt like the kids weren’t really learning anything. Then, when we were about to read Romans 5:1-11, a Yr 4 boy (who normally causes a bit of trouble) asked if he could read Psalm 100, his favourite Psalm! I was astounded.

God is good, and he is at work in this world through children!


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