How to use Twitter

Twitter bird 2So you joined up and now you have a Twitter account (yay). But what happens next.

Get Tweeting!

Easy enough. I’m sure you have already Tweeted (posted) something along the lines of “Setting up my Twitter account” or “First post on Twitter”, now to tweet a few more times…

Maybe consider using Twitter in serving God, and be active about it from the start. Tweets about what you read in the bible, or what you learnt at church are awesome! As are tweets about going to bible study, and tweets about what you are looking forward to in the day are pretty cool as well. But as you tweet, consider how it is serving God.

You have probably seen some weird lingo being used, things like @ symbols, or the letters RT. Don’t worry, here’s what they mean.

  • An @ symbol before someone’s username just means that the tweet is directed at them. It is also the common way to refer to someone in a tweet. They will get a specific notification that they were mentioned somewhere.
  • RT simply stands for Re-Tweet. Which means that you could find something like this showing up: “RT @calumhenderson How awesome it is to be assured of salvation! Romans 8″. This just means that someone else has Tweeted (posted) what I had already said.
  • #(something) just means that it is specifically tagged, if multiple people tag the same word or letters, then it will come up as a trending topic (#mhc is a good example).
  • You may also see OH (but barely ever), this just means over heard, as in real world over heard.

Continue using Twitter to serve God friends!


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