Courage in Persecution

Butchered RoseAt bible study we prayed for people overseas in Burma and India, using a Voice of the Martyrs prayer booklet thing. God is working in amazing ways all over his world! And there are people who are spreading the gospel to all sorts of amazing places.

There was one story that was read from it that described two men who were proclaiming the gospel in India. These men were beaten up for what they did, and they were planning on going back to continue proclamation once they recovered!

This courage is amazing.

I find myself often shying away from opportunities because I am afraid of minor consequences such as lost friendships or awkward moments. Whereas Christians on the other side of the world have consequences such as death, and they only want more opportunities to proclaim the gospel!

What an example we have to follow…

If you want more stories from Voice of the Martyrs, visit


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