4 Reasons to Blog

Blog 3As part of my continued evaluation of the blog, after a month, I have thought of a few key reasons why blogging is valuable. So here are the reasons that I have come up with so far.

1. Reflection

Writing thoughts down is a great method of personal reflection, having a blog has made me write stuff down that I have been thinking of, I have especially enjoyed reflecting each week on one thing that I have learnt from the Bible that week.

2. Discussion

Blogs are an excellent form of 2 way communication. I have enjoyed some great discussion on this blog, especially through “Mafia: Game of Sin?”.

3. Witnessing

Through this blog I have sometimes written things that aren’t directly related to the Bible, such as “5 Reasons to Tweet” and “Why use RSS?“. This has at times driven some random people to view this site, and some have even read my Testimony. I think if Christians are out there engaging with online communities, God will work through them.

4. Fun

It’s fun to write things, it’s fun to share ideas, it’s fun to share fun stuff. I really enjoy the experience of blogging, and if I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it.

Those are my reasons so far… I’m sure that they will change over time, and yes, I will share some reasons not to blog as well.

Do you have any reasons (to blog) to add?

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