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Permanent Break from Blogging

Blogging is a good thing.

Communication is central to learning, and blogging allows us to communicate ideas really easily, and it creates a great forum for discussion.

Relaxing in a Chair

I like blogging (see 4 Reasons to Blog).


At this current stage in my life, I will not continue to blog. Blogging takes up time, and I have less t

ime than I used to. Sure, I could blog every idea that I am currently thinking about, so as to reflect on these ideas. But there I some things that I want to reflect on without sharing with everyone.

Blogging also at times isn’t so great (See 3 Reasons Not to Blog).

I have enjoyed blogging, and have enjoyed thinking through ideas, and receiving feedback on these ideas. But for now, its a permanent break from blogging (and Twitter, cos I think they are very closely linked).

If you are a blogger, power to you. I think it is a great thing to do. I may be back one day to blog, but if I do, I think it will be a more specific blog with fewer posts each week.

Thanks to all who read over the past few months!

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