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Summer Holiday

Over the next month there’s going to be sporadic posting on this site. This isn’t for any other reason then the fact that I’m away. Get ready for regular posting starting Feb 2010! Anyway, here’s what I’m up too over the next month or so.

  • Kiama Beach Mission – I’m giving 6 kids talks plus doing other stuff
  • Holiday with the fiance and her family, I’m really looking forward to a break away from everything else
  • Directing a Cru Camp called Escape – I would love it if you would pray for Escape 2010 (Facebook Group)

Hope you have a great summer! Or if you are in America, hope you have a great winter!

We go white water rafting on Escape!

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Public vs Private #8 | Parents Who Care Too Much

The demographics of students and parents that attend public and private schools tend to be pretty stereotypical. As in certain types of parents send their children to private schools, and certain parents send their students to public schools. Although, sometimes schools can break these stereotypes (ok, a lot of the time).

So, instead of talking about private and public schools in this post (and the next few), I’m going to be talking about two ends of the parent spectrum. Those who care too much about their child’s education, and those who don’t care enough. Of course most parents will fall somewhere between these two, but will probably lean either way. So here are some characteristics of parents that care too much.

Parents who care too much

  • There will likely be a lot of pressure on the child to perform
  • Students may often be forced to go to tutoring (I onced tutored a Kindy girl in maths, she was doing year 2 maths at the time…)
  • The parents will put stress onto the teacher, and ask questions about why their child isn’t getting straight A’s
  • Although because of this, the teachers are accountable and teaching remains excellent
  • Students may be forced to do tests for selective schools when they have no chance of getting in, and therefore are under unnecessary stress
  • Parents will support the teacher in learning, and students will value learning as their parents do

Most private schools have parents that exhibit above symptoms. This can be both harmful and helpful. And some parents may only be helpful, or may only be harmful. But in deciding where to teach consider the parents that you will be partnering with in educating their children.

Stay tuned for Parents who don’t care enough.

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Blog Turns 100!

This is the 100th post on! A pretty exciting milestone.

I thought now would be a good time to reflect on why I blog, read about that at About this Blog.

Here are the things that I said this blog would be.

  • Concise – most posts are around 200 words, and rarely does one go over 300
  • Positive – I think so, what do you think?
  • Regular – At times… more on this below
  • Colourful – Every post has a picture
  • God focused – I think I’ve done ok at making sure this blog glorifies God.

If you have been with me since the beginning, you’ll know that I was originally going to do this for 6 months, and then decide whether or not to keep going. Well, It’s been more than 6 months, but for some of those months I stopped. So i’m at least going to keep going for now, there may even be something exciting in the works… but probably not.

Thanks to all who have been reading!

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AMAZING Video Resource for Sunday School

During the Jesus: All About Life campaign earlier this year, I was given a DVD to use as a resource for Sunday School. This DVD included 5 videos about Jesus from a flies point of view (will share soon), and a video called “Bigger than the World Itself”.

It’s about a boy who loves computer games, he gets hit on the head with a Bible and his world begins to grow.

As far as awesome resources for primary school ministry go. This is by far the best I have ever seen!

You can download it now here.

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From the Bible this week: Philippians 1

Church as of late has been really encouraging. This week was the last week from one of our ministers (who is moving on to a new church). He spoke on Philippians 1, and specifically on being spurred on by other Christians faith, as well as being partners in the gospel.

I found it great to think about the fact that all Christians need to work for God, and that everyone is a full time minister. Being a minister means serving God, and every Christian should do this. He told a story of one minister that received an order for all ministers in his area to wear full robes. So that minister sent an order for 400 robes, as he said everyone at his church was a minister.

Through serving God together, we can all benefit each other through encouraging each other in our service. In Philippians, Paul speaks of how the church was encouraged due to the fact that he was in gaol.

Because of my chains, most of the brothers in the Lord have been encouraged to speak the word of God more courageously and fearlessly. Philippians 1:14

I hope that Christians everywhere can work together in ministry serving God, so that he may be glorified in everything!

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Christmas Carols Rock!

I was recently at a singing practice for Christmas Carols. It was awesome, Christmas Carols are awesome.

There is so much to be happy about at Christmas, like the fact that we are celebrating the God of this universe becoming a human! That’s pretty incredible!

During the practice, there was some debate as to the fact that the music we had apparently left out a verse of Silent Night. I was pretty oblivious to this, and had no idea what this verse was, despite the fact that I have sung Christmas carols my whole life. This made me realise that I don’t normally pay much attention to the lyrics of Christmas carols. And there are some pretty awesome lyrics. So I thought that I would have a look at some great carols, and reconnect with the lyrics.

Hark the herald angels sing, “Glory to the newborn King!”

O morning stars together, Proclaim the holy birth, And praises sing to God the King, And Peace to men on earth.

Glories stream from heaven afar, Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia! Christ, the Saviour is born

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!

It is amazing that God came to this world in human form! Let’s celebrate this Christmas!

P.S. You should read about Choosing Carols more Carefully over at

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Calum’s Concise Blog Summary #1

So, summaries of this blog are good in my eyes, as it allows you to read about what is happening on this blog, without having to sift through past posts one by one. This means that if you don’t read this blog every day (which all of you do of course), then you can still see the titles of each post, and decide if you want to read them. You can also see if you want to read anything that I have been reading from around the web via my bookmarks.

However, “A Week has 5 Days” was a crappy title for these posts for a number of reasons.

  1. It was lame
  2. It didn’t make sense anymore, because the summaries were no longer weekly
  3. It was lame

Calum’s Concise Blog Summary isn’t much better, but at least it tells you what it is about. So, bonus points to anyone who can come up with a better name for me.

In the meantime, here is Calum’s Concise Blog Summary (tell me if you want me to add any other information to these summaries).

In exciting news, I had a guest post published at (a site with over 30, 000 subscribers). It’s called Use Posterous to Easily Enhance Your Tweeting.


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