Calum’s Concise Blog Summary #1

So, summaries of this blog are good in my eyes, as it allows you to read about what is happening on this blog, without having to sift through past posts one by one. This means that if you don’t read this blog every day (which all of you do of course), then you can still see the titles of each post, and decide if you want to read them. You can also see if you want to read anything that I have been reading from around the web via my bookmarks.

However, “A Week has 5 Days” was a crappy title for these posts for a number of reasons.

  1. It was lame
  2. It didn’t make sense anymore, because the summaries were no longer weekly
  3. It was lame

Calum’s Concise Blog Summary isn’t much better, but at least it tells you what it is about. So, bonus points to anyone who can come up with a better name for me.

In the meantime, here is Calum’s Concise Blog Summary (tell me if you want me to add any other information to these summaries).

In exciting news, I had a guest post published at (a site with over 30, 000 subscribers). It’s called Use Posterous to Easily Enhance Your Tweeting.


Latest Delicious Bookmarks (What is Delicious?)

Search terms leading here

  • Israel prophets
  • people reading Bible photos
  • calum henderson blog
  • gospel
  • spreading the gospel
  • flipping pages
  • spreading gospel
  • biblical storytelling
  • thums down
  • working people
  • say the gospel
  • jesus creation imagesize:1440×900
  • rick kryger
  • live gospel
  • thumb down
  • live out loud
  • the christian gosepl is that i am so fla…
  • reading the bible
  • biblical reading
  • christian iphone app
  • mars hill
  • jesus can set you free
  • book of the bible
  • eternal life
  • biblical thinking

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