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AMAZING Video Resource for Sunday School

During the Jesus: All About Life campaign earlier this year, I was given a DVD to use as a resource for Sunday School. This DVD included 5 videos about Jesus from a flies point of view (will share soon), and a video called “Bigger than the World Itself”.

It’s about a boy who loves computer games, he gets hit on the head with a Bible and his world begins to grow.

As far as awesome resources for primary school ministry go. This is by far the best I have ever seen!

You can download it now here.

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6 Talks on CRAZY Bible Stories

For an upcoming beach mission, I am currently preparing 6 kids talks. They’re going to be on CRAZY Bible stories, I think it’s going to be pretty fun. I’ll be writing some reflections on this blog as I write the talks, so here is a brief outline of the talks.


Talk 1 – Writing on the Wall (Daniel 5)

Introducing the series and speaking about how God speaks to us today through the Bible, after first telling the story.

Talk 2 – Babel (Genesis 11:1-9)

Saying that even though God has told us how to live through his word, we rebel against him and we deserve punishment for this.

Talk 3 – Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4:35-41)

Jesus is God, and he has power over creation. He is incredibly powerful. We shouldn’t doubt him.

Talk 4 – Daniel and the Lions Den (Daniel 6)

God saves Daniel in this story from the lions. God saves us from the punishment we deserve through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Talk 5 – Jesus’ Resurrection (Matthew 28:1-8)

Jesus is alive today and he is the boss of the world!

Talk 6 – Saul to Paul (Acts 9:1-22)

Saul becomes and Christian and follows Jesus. Learning about how to live a new life for Christ.

The Bible has some crazy stuff in it. But there is nothing crazier then what God has done for us. This talk series will use the crazy stuff as a base to introducing the even crazier stuff!

Memorise Your Sunday School Lesson

Christmas CraftSunday School needs a higher priority in our thinking.

Recently I have been reading a book called “The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School” by Aaron Reynolds. One of the key ideas that he states is that Sunday School lessons should be memorised.

Now this isn’t just the story/talk that could be memorised, but the whole thing! From what games you play, to any dramas or craft that you may want to use.

This is a big task.

The reason for memorising the lesson is so that what you teach will be as excellent as possible. If you are ready to say your next word instead of looking at a sheet, then you will probably be able to react to the situations that are before you.

I really like this big challenge.

I think that any step towards excellence in Sunday School is a good step to take, and I believe that Sunday School needs to have a high priority in our churches.

I believe that this extra effort of memorising lessons is a worthwhile investment.

To see more about the importance of Children’s Ministry then read “The importance of children in mission” or “Making Youth Evangelism Obsolete”.

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Making youth evangelism obsolete

This is a floppy disk, it is obsolete, like youth evangelism could be...

This is a floppy disk, it is obsolete, like youth evangelism could be...

I had a crazy thought recently. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be awesome if youth evangelism was made obsolete.

Here is the reasoning behind such a strange suggestion.

Youth evangelism is based on the fact that there are youth (i.e. teenagers) who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. So, if all children were follows of Jesus when they reached high school. Then all youth evangelism would be obsolete.

This is of course a completely unrealistic, unattainable and unSMART goal. But I think that it is a cool thought. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the role of youth ministry changed to discipleship only due to the fact that kids are already committed followers of Christ.

Not a practical goal, but I think it is an inspiring vision.

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The importance of children in mission

I have thought for a few years, that children can be effective evangelists. They can tell their friends about what Jesus has done and who he is now, and they can make real responses to the gospel. I really hope that children that I am teaching in Sunday School will grow up as fruitful Christians throughout school and the rest of their lives. This video is one that I was shown a few years ago, and shows how some people view children as important to God’s mission. I think it’s pretty good, and just so you know, all the stuff about children is towards the beginning.

Surprised by kids!

Yesterday at Sunday school I was pleasantly surprised by two kids.

Firstly, a kindergarten girl had drawn a few pictures during the week and showed them to me at the start of Kidzone. The first picture was a picture of Jesus dying on the cross, and the second picture was a picture of an empty tomb and him rising from the dead. There was then a page with some writing on it that went something like this… (but not exactly)

Jesus died on the cross. He rose from the dead. Jesus loves everyone.

Wow. Such simple and awesome truths from one so young.Coloured Pencils

The second moment of surprise happened later on. I was not having the best morning and felt like the kids weren’t really learning anything. Then, when we were about to read Romans 5:1-11, a Yr 4 boy (who normally causes a bit of trouble) asked if he could read Psalm 100, his favourite Psalm! I was astounded.

God is good, and he is at work in this world through children!

Read this!

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