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I’ve gone .com!

This blog will be shutting down in a few days. To be replaced by!

There are a number of reasons that I will be doing this, here are some stated below

  • I have more freedom with code on the site, and as I am hosting it myself, I can add whatever I want. (e.g. I can now put in videos from sites other than youtube, and I can easily embed buttons at the bottom of each post to share on social media sites.
  • It gets respect from people online, and as I am interested in being online, this factors in.
  • It allows me to create other websites and host them, I have been considering doing some other small websites.
  • It’s better for search engines.
  • I really wanted to.

It’s been fun blogging here at, but I’m looking forward to the new opportunities created by this move.

The site will launch Feb 2, 2010. The time until then will be used to construct the site.

Thanks to everyone who has read this blog, and I look forward to seeing you over at


I Got Published!

Yesterday I submitted a guest post to, and it was accepted!

This is pretty exciting as has over 30, 000 subscribers and the post has already been tweeted 115 times.

The post is titled “Use Posterous to Easily Enhance Your Tweeting“. You should go read it now (if your into Twitter at all, if not, read this instead).

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Mars Hill iPhone App

A while back, Mars Hill released an iPhone App designed to give easy access to all their online stuff (link to iTunes Store). It’s very well made, and very professional.

The App itself allows you to easily stream sermons to your iPhone, as well as allowing you to read the blog and listen to music. All in one easy place.

However, it doesn’t fulfill any functionality that couldn’t be already found on the iPhone. And personally, I find it easier to listen/watch sermons in the iTunes App on my iPhone, as I can then download the sermons to the device.

Still a great App for the iPhone, and once again, Mars Hill is leading the Christian world in technology. Props to them.

After thinking about this App, I think I’ll have to make a list of iPhone Apps from churches and for general Christian purposes. Do you have any favourite iPhone Apps?

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5 iPhone Apps I Have Enjoyed

My current home screen

It’s been a while since I recommended 5 of my favourite apps (here). So here are another 5.

1. My Account (free)

If you are with Optus, then this app is priceless (/free). Allows you to view your account balance quickly and easily.

2. Ping! ($1.19)

Used to be free. Allows you to send free messages to other iPhones via push notifications, requires them to have ping. (my username is calumhenderson)

3. Chain Rxn Free (free)

An iPhone version of the popular Facebook game. Great to entertain while waiting in line.

4. Cricket LIVE ($1.19)

All the cricket action for the summer ahead. Includes push notifications for wickets and upcoming games. (Australian games only)

5. Flick Cricket (free)

A fun little game of cricket. Great for train trips.

So I have noticed that these aren’t all that useful. But some are pretty fun, and sometimes it’s good to have a break on a train or in a line for coffee.

Hope you have enjoyed the list!

My YouTube Channel

Over the past few years I have been growing my video editing skills. Recently I shared videos from recent study camps (here and here). So here is another video that I did as a review for KYCK 08. If you would like to watch all of the videos that I have made, you can do so at

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Don’t Download YouTube Videos

Video TapeAccording to YouTube terms of service, there are only 2 legal reasons to download YouTube videos. You must have either uploaded it or be a partner of the person who uploaded the video.

There is an excellent post over at explaining this, so I wont re-write that. You can view it here.

I am sorry if I have mislead anyone.

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SUEU Bloggers

SUEUI have recently been constructing a list of bloggers involved with the Sydney University Evanglical Union (SUEU).

If you follow the link below, you can view a list of recent posts from SUEU bloggers (You can also subscribe to the list).

Here is a list of the bloggers with links to their blogs.

If you are an EUer and would like your blog on this list, then let me know. For the rest of you, to read up or subscribe, visit here.

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Read this!

This blog is no longer active

View my NEW blog at

If you have been redirected from my new blog to here, simply delete {wordpress.} from the URL and you will be taken to the same page on my new blog. Thanks!

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